Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Eve Before the Official Launch of The 40's Project

Where I get these ideas is beyond me.....
I am a woman who needs a goal. Exercising, for example, for the sake of exercising, is not enough. I need to have a focus and a purpose. Running for enjoyment just doesn't interest me. Running because I have to run a 5km race in three months, now that is a whole different story.

I have been thinking about the fact that in a matter of months, I will be reaching the big "4-0." I am not one to dread birthdays. In fact, I am the complete opposite. I anticipate my birthday as though each year were my 8th birthday over and over again. I want phone calls, cards in the mail, special treatment, birthday cake ( money hidden in the cake is even better!!) and a special dinner. I want to blow out my candles, have "Happy Birthday" sung to me and to celebrate my health and another year living this glorious life. I have spent the last 12 years working in the birthing field as a doula and prenatal educator so I get excited about Birth Days!

As my 40th birthday approaches, I wanted to do something really special. I had been thinking about what kind of party I wanted: an all girls sleepover, a spa weekend with a couple of close friends, a trip by myself somewhere or maybe a big bash with live music and dancing just for the fun of it. Then it came to me...........

Since I can remember, I have always loved high heels and sequins and beads and lacy lingerie and red lipstick. At age 12, my older sister had to piggy-back me home after I went over on my ankle running down the street in 2 inch heels. As a young adult living in Whistler, BC, I fullfilled my heel wearing fetish (for lack of a better word) by vaccuming my apartment in a mini skirt and gold stillettos. You wouldn't be caught dead wearing high heels in Whistler......no, no, no......this was the land of Gortex, hiking boots and fleece pants. In the last three years, I started getting interested in the whole Burlesque movement but alas there was nothing available in our area when I went searching a couple of years ago. You could say that "The Pin Up" Girl is my alter ego. The ironic thing is that I am not much of a girly-girl. I prefer my hair pulled back in a pony tail and prior to letting it grow out for cancer, I wore my hair cropped really short. I like jeans and running shoes and long sleeve cotton tee's. Don't get me wrong, I can dress up and I have a wicked collection of the most beautiful high heels but generally speaking, you would never peg me as a Pin Up Girl.

Seeing as I have let myself go somewhat in my 39th year, I decided to have a project or a goal to work towards in order to get myself back into shape. It seemed appropriate that since I will turn 40 on April 7th 2011, that my goal would be to take four months to bring my inner Pin Up Girl to the surface~ Set her free once and for all. The plan is to gradually transform myself into a Hollywood 1940's Pin Up Girl with the end goal being a photo shoot with a professional photographer to create a 12-month Pin Up Girl calendar. This photo session will take place the last week of March 2011 so that I can have the calendar/photos in my hands for my actual birthday. It has been aptly named "The 40's Project."

Creating this blog came as an afterthought and although I struggled with making this journey public, I figured that I was more likely to be successful if I was held accountable. Once I make a decision to do something, I keep my word. I hope you enjoy the journey right along with me and perhaps, you, too, will discover your long lost, inner Pin Up Girl along the way.