Friday, February 11, 2011

Have a Drink on Me

It seems that the Pin Up Girl motif is everywhere these days. Perhaps, I hadn't noticed it until I decided to turn myself into one. I recently received a gift of a mirror compact/key chain from a friend which has a Pin Up Girl on the cover of it. Another friend, brought some empty beer cans to me after she discovered her brother-in-law's beverage of choice had Pin Up Girl's slapped on them! I mean, they're everywhere!

Old Milwaukee Brewery has hopped onto the Pin Up Girl train

I was just watching a show on television called, "Last 10 lbs Bootcamp" and I only caught the end but the female guest lost 15 inches and 14 pounds in 6 weeks!!!  I quickly came to the conclusion that she was literally starved and burned way more calories bootcamp-style than what she had consumed. There is no way that loss of either weight or inches is healthy. Admittedly, my very next thought was, "How did she do it and can I pull off even half of those results in the next 7 weeks?" I'll be honest, when the numbers remain the same on the scale, one can quickly get frustrated. Logically, I have to be losing somewhere because I cannot eat any better than I am. I can only assume that I need to increase my physical activity and then expect that my shape will change. I do want to be in a better place than I am as I am typing this and I don't mean geographically. I am not into dieting. Radically cutting calories is not only unhealthy but just wouldn't sustain me in the experience I call my daily life which requires a tremendous amount of energy.

But honestly, I am willing to work my butt off and eat as well as possible while still being healthy in order to be my best by the time April 7th comes around. It's tough, though, folks. I am feel some pressure, I have to admit and yet I have decided to move through the pressure and transform it into motivation.


  1. I saw the same bootcamp where the girl lost all those inches and all that weight. I don't know if her motivation was being on TV or if she just really wanted to take the opportunity and fly. I kept thinking in my head, But will she maintain that loss? Because when you lose so much weight so fast because for 6 weeks you go all out and work your butt off, it's great, but can you really maintain that every day? I think it's better to lose it slow and steady. Maybe instead of feeling the pressure of the looming day, you might want to simply celebrate the changes that you've made and will continue to make. After all, this is all about making you happy and we followers of your blog love you no matter what the numbers say on the scale. One day at a time. You will achieve your goal. I have no doubt.

  2. By the way, did you get your pin-up desk calendar? Just want to make sure you received it.

  3. Amen to your first fan's comments! Could that bootcamp woman have been airbrushed? just a thought!