Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Consultation Complete

Yesterday I met with my hair and make-up professional and then my photographer for the Pin Up Girl photo shoot scheduled for Thursday, March 24th. I have to say that five days ago, I was feeling pretty dumpy and although I planned to go through with the "shoot," I wasn't feeling overly "pin-up-y" (is that a word?) because I was feeling thoroughly pms-y. When I talked with my husband about postponing the whole thing, he gently replied, "It's just the water retention talking." Bless his heart. I just about fell off of the couch with laughter!

But lo and behold, my inner Pin Up Girl re-emerged once my hormonal state re-balanced and I joyfully drove to Ottawa yesterday morning. I arrived at Alison's home studio on time and we got right into discussing what we would do with my hair. The big issue was my long, all-one-length, hairstyle (if you can call it a style). Choices were limited due to the fact that I have no layers whatsoever. I am growing it to donate to Angel Hair for Kids and although I have reached the ten inch requirement, I am not prepared to chop it off just yet. Alison has an entire book of 1940's and 1950's hairstyles and soon we found one that was in between the 1940's housewife style and a sexier 1940's hairstyle. Make-up is fairly standard for this era.........false eyelashes, pink cheeks and dark red lips. Alison is a real life pin up girl and so really understands the whole "look" of the Pin Up Girl. The consultation took about a half hour and then I was off to meet Suzanne, the photographer.

This consultation involved meeting in person, seeing the studio, discussing my ideas and "vision" for the shoot as well as what I would like to have for my keepsakes.......a book of the top ten photos in 5x7's or perhaps a 13-month calendar or even a deck of cards with one pose adorning the backside of the card. I am leaning towards a 2011 calendar as it has the year that I turned 40 and it is just so cool to BE the Pin Up Girl in the calendar. This was a wonderful experience and meeting Suzanne and Alison made me even more excited to complete The 40's Project.

I soon realized that I would need a pair of black shoes for this event. Now, my husband might argue that I own a lot of shoes. Can you ever have too many pairs of shoes?  Seriously, though, I do not own one pair of plain black shoes........I have silver and chocolate brown and periwinkle blue and pink and red and.......but not one pair of black shoes. I made a quick stop in a Spring shoe store at Bayshore and lo and behold, I saw the most gorgeous pair of nude heels in a Betty Boop style and instantly fell in love with them. I also figured they'd be practical for some of the outfits I would be wearing. They were also only $40.

These remind me of the shoes the models on "The Price Is Right" wore!
 Then I tried on a black pair which I found on the clearance rack and they were on sale for $30.

Check out the complimentary shoe decor!
 I was feeling quite pleased with myself when I spun around to see a woman strutting around the store in a ruby red pair of shoes which had a double strap across the top of the foot. Of course, they were a size 6 and were the last pair. She also found them on the sale rack. The salesperson assisting me quickly ran to the back room and voila......there was one pair left and they were a size 6! I tried them on and then asked hesitantly, "How much?" The salesperson joyfully announced, "$17!" and smiling from ear to ear. "I'll take them" was my reply. So, I didn't get the red satin pair at Pom Pom a couple of weeks ago but instead got three pairs for the same price.
Red Ruby Shoes
 As I prepare for the photo shoot scheduled for a week from tomorrow, I continue to search for some cool vintage outfits or 1940's inspired styles. If you have anything I could borrow or have older relatives who wouldn't mind if you raided their closets or attics, please let me know. Thanks in advance!


  1. Love, love, love the shoes!!!!
    Great job, you are so courageous~

  2. jeez, you are one brave woman to walk around in heels like those!! I would fall flat on my face!

  3. Stunning shoes. Love the red ones in particular. This is getting exciting!

  4. I think you have a problem.
    A shoe problem, that is.

    Just kidding- they are GORGEOUS. I wish I could walk around in shoes like that.


  5. I too love shoes. Unfortunately, my job requires me to buy FLATS...Heels are not suitable for kindergarten (not to mention that the kids would have to look up up up! to see me!!)...I LOVE all of your new shoes. Would love just one sexy pair. You'll have to tell me where you bought them...can't wait to see the results of the shoot!

  6. Aunt Marilyn said: Oh Lady! I am so impressed. I will give you $40 for your 40th birthday and that will pay for the nude shoes without the tax of course. You should sell the calendars and then you can pay for all of your shoes and your shoot. Lol. Maybe you could auction a calendar off.