Friday, March 4, 2011

No More Screwing Around

Holy Moly! In a week and a half I will be sitting with hair and make-up followed by the Pin Up Girl photographer planning my shoot on March 24th. I have been daydreaming about costumes, new shoes, stockings, gloves, and so on and yet that is as far as I have gotten.

Well, except for last week when I was on a field trip for my other blog, The Letter Writing Revolution.  I was walking by Pom Pom in The Glebe neighbourhood of Ottawa and discovered these incredible $130 shoes on for $80.

I didn't buy them......for two reasons:
One: they didn't have them in my size
Two: I already own red shoes.

If they had the black pair in my size, I may have figured out a way to spring for them. They were THAT gorgeous......satin with the perfect 1940's satin bow on the toe. It is no secret, I turn to putty when I am in the company of gorgeous shoes. I mean, I literally get giddy when I am surrounded by beautiful and unique shoes. In fact, when our daughter would be admitted to the Children's Hospital in Ottawa which was a total of eight months in her first year of life alone, I used to 'soothe'  (read: self-medicate) myself with a new pair of shoes. It was my little treat and the hospitalization was my excuse to them. The unfortunate thing is that my life as a mother of a child with special needs, a childbirth educator, a retired Doula and a casting artist does not allow me to wear my shoes as often as I would like.

Anyway, my point is, I have a lot of work to do before March 24th. This is a big deal. I need to stop screwing around and get this Pin Up Girl into some vintage shops and maybe a lingerie shop or two ;-)


  1. These shoes are absolutely gorgeous! Too bad they didn't have your size, in black. Can't wait to see what other gorgeous rungs you will find for your photoshoot.

  2. Julie - I have a friend who is a "pin-up" burlesque dancer. If you like I can ask her where she gets her stuff. She always looks amazing from her very '40 hair all the way down to her shoes!
    Love that you are doing this.

  3. OMG !!! I LOVE those shoes!

  4. Loved the shoes. Too bad there is so few places to wear them. I'm like you...wearing a t and jeans everyday and missing the days I would dress up. For years I never even owned a pair of pants...all skirts and dresses and mascara and dangly earrings.

    Can't wait to see the photos!!

  5. Jennifer: Yes!! Please ask your friend where she shops altho I assume mostly on-line. There are loads of online shops that sell Pin Up Girl accessories and clothing. Thanks!

  6. Yes, those shoes are, alas, perfect. I always think of money I spend now in its worth in $100 is a week in "pick up" groceries. Makes shopping a lot less fun. Those shoes would have tempted me, too!