Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gifts Fit for a Pin Up Girl

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve Day and already I have received three spontaneous and unexpected gifts from three different friends reflecting The 40's Project. Isn't it a strange phenomenon how  when you start something, you suddenly see it represented or reflected everywhere? I was in a calendar store yesterday and saw three Pin Up Girl Art calendars. I can't recall ever seeing them before. That is what happens, though, your thoughts get reflected in the world around you. Either that or you just start paying more attention. Here are some pics of my Pin Up Girl gifts recently bestowed upon me by three sweet gals:

A cylinder of long match sticks received by mail
today! This Pin Up Girl is wearing skates and has
 fallen and can't get up.....
Awesome! Thanks, T......

This groovy necklace came by mail yesterday!
What a great surprise!
Thanks, K!!!

And, finally, this glass bottle of yummy mango awesomeness!
The tag reads:
"Bath and body treats that indulge the
girlish whim to pamper.
A compliment to the girls of the 40's and 50's
who unabashedly
shared beauty with the world."
 Thanks, S!!
 I have really bombed this week. Not only have I really gone off course with my whole foods/clean eating, I have completely avoided the gym like the plague. Okay, that last part is only half truth. It's not that I have purposely avoided it, I just haven't had five minutes to get in there. I have made four trips to Ottawa since Saturday (that's a 200km round trip for those from afar) and have been busy with not only the whole Christmas thing, I have also been visiting my 92-year old Grandma who is in hospital and is not doing very well. Life comes first and so I will do my best to survive the holidays and then resume Pin-Up-Girl-To-Be status early in 2011. I will be down to three months left come January so I had better get the lead out of my ass, as they say.
Oh, one more gift from my mother given to me after I launched The 40's Project........

A mug with my favourite saying!


  1. Awesome loot! I have perused the Pin Up girl calendars every year and pass them by for something more tame and "kitcheny"...I had a conversation with some friends about it in November, where I declared that THIS was the year I'd just buy one because I love them...then you launched your blog! It IS funny how there is a connective energy, esp. between the necklace! Are these gifts from strangers or friends??

  2. I think you're right about the collective energy thing.......I also suspect that like Burlesque the Pin Up Girl "thing" will become very trendy in the next year or two. I think it is positive for women! We either had to be uptight, "good" girls or swinging off a pole. Neither of which appeals to me personally or to most women I assume. The Pin Up Girl persona is a good balance as long as it is approached from a light-hearted, fun place.

  3. Love the mug! See you in a couple of days!