Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ringing in a New Year

As 2011 is just around the corner, I have been slowly coming off of my sugar high after a high caloric Christmas holiday season! Last week was wonderful and relaxing and I enjoyed every morsel of every indulgent meal, appetizer and dessert I consumed. I paid for it, though, on the night of Boxing Day when my body rebelled against my minuscule gluten intake over the previous days. A bit here and a bit there was fine but after days of doing so, it caught up on me and I experienced an hour and a half of violent barfing. I should know better. Nothing a cold cloth, a couple of Gravol and sleep couldn't fix.  Needless to say, I haven't ingested one drop of alcohol or gluten since Dec. 26th. I am, however, having some difficulty weaning off the continuous sugar high I have grown accustomed to in the last two weeks.

In order to get back on track with The 40's Project, I am going to start off the new year with a two week cleanse. I will avoid everything containing flour, sugar (natural or otherwise), dairy and red meat. I may even give up the coffee since I can't have sugar and cream in it anyway. I will give my body a good rest from all of the junk that I have happily poured into it in the last couple of weeks. After the initial two weeks, I will be less strict but will continue to focus on a whole foods diet. I found this great website which I will use for interesting whole food/gluten free recipes along the way. And I am really liking Dr. Oz's "Just 10 Challenge." It is very straightforward and easy to follow and apparently very effective. Basically, you have 10 servings broken up in the following ways:
Protein and Fats: 4 Servings
Complex Carbs: 3 Servings
Fruit: 3 Servings
Vegetables: Unlimited
Dessert: every other day
You can learn more about it here.

And, I have completely bailed on my exercise program............but only temporarily. Reality sets in again on Monday, January 3rd. No more excuses, no more adjusting, no more transitional phase. This is where I get serious and where transformations take place. Anyone willing to join me?

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  1. i am all on board for this!! i also turn 40 in april and need to make some changes in my life. i woke up today with a 8 pound, 2 oz food baby, and it's time for it to go. i have been in an epic battle for the last few years with my body, and i need to save it before it completely turns to to the dark side. april will come whether i am healthy or not, so something's gotta give.