Thursday, December 2, 2010

Plan A

Two days down and going strong.......

I am not really certain how I am going to pull this off. December 1st was upon me before I had a plan in place. I haven't mapped out the next four months as far as a program to follow. Just to be clear, I am not  going on any sort of diet. Absolutely not. I don't believe in diets. I also want to be clear that I have a healthy relationship with my body and do not have body image issues. Well, okay, I would love to have long legs and if they can't be long than I would love for them to look more like Madonna's legs. I have always admired straight teeth and women who have those perky, tea cup breasts. But, after a few cans of Slim Fast at the age of 13 (no kidding!) and after a rather rebellious adolesence, I recognized that no matter how hard I tried, I was never going to look like Cindy Crawford. Never.

So, back to to freeing my inner Pin Up Girl.....

I decided to start in December as I wanted to have a few transitional weeks from the carefree existence I was enjoying to the more disciplined one that will gently nudge my inner Pin Up Girl (PUG for short) into the light. For the first week, I am simply making wiser choices (reducing my portions), eating whole foods only and drinking lots of water. I am NOT giving up my one vice which is a mug of coffee with half and half cream and sugar at 5:30am. Starting next week, I will get back to bootcamp and some personal training. I am also going to do a program called "200 Sit-Ups in Six weeks." The trick is to tone without losing the womanly curves of the Pin Up Girl figure.

My plan is to do things gradually. I suspect Pin Up Girls go into further hiding if they are pressured so I intend on being gentle yet disciplined, consistent with moments of freedom. This isn't a competition afterall. This is a gift to my 40-year old self from my 39-year old self.


  1. Also a gift to a 40 year old man in your life! Heehee! Love it. I find stress has been working great to help me lose weight lately...but your plan is healthier.

  2. Excellent plan, Julie! Just what everyone should do, really. Here's to the first successful week!

  3. nice! i look forward to your updates julie. i find it very inspiring. i hit 40 a few days after you...

  4. Great post. Very excited to see the evolution of your inner pin up girl. Love the pics too.

  5. Hi Julie...I'm very curious to read all about your journey. I have often thought about starting a blog like this one, in order to maintain momentum and motivation for change. But I still struggle with the whole concept of trying to make myself "better"...especially when it comes to my body. Given my work in eating disorders, I'm so wary of the whole beauty industry. I'm excited to see how this plays out in your blog!! :o)

  6. Hello, Dee Dee! Thank you for your comment. I plan to address this very topic in a future post. I think it is important to clarify why I am doing this and my thoughts about the whole Pin Up Girl thing. There are many reasons why people do what they do. I am not attempting to make myself better as I personally think I am awesome just as I am and I cherish my health. Having a daughter like Meredith makes me very grateful for the things that we take for a body and mind that works well.
    I can certainly see where your conflict lies especially with the work that you have done. Your comment has motivated me to address this sooner than later. Stay tuned :-)

  7. I love the idea of "releasing your Inner Pin Up Girl!" This is fantastic and what a better way to celebrate being 40! I am a former doula and love the way you incorporate birthing with exercise. Because of this post I think I will start to bring some of my doula training into the gym with me..especially those that relate to coping techniques and going to that "happy place" inside your mind. "Only ten more crunches to go..BREATHE!!"
    Have you heard of "Some Girls" by Jillian Lauren? Check out her website I am sure you will fall in love with this modern day Pin Up Girl.
    Cheers and Good Luck~