Sunday, January 23, 2011

Getting Close to Half Way There

I successfully completed the cleanse and even did it for two days longer than I had to. I strictly followed it for 12 days straight which resulted in a 6lb. weight loss and some shrinkage in inches although I am not sure exactly how much. I did discover that I feel much better without flour-y products and dairy in my system and so will continue with this trend. I also feel that sugar is poison in my body and after being off of it for two weeks, I just don't want to re-introduce it as I know that the cravings will surely follow. And, well, we all know what that leads to. I will eat maple syrup and honey occasionally but no more white/brown sugar for me. With that said, I am not going to be an all or nothing type but more of a 97% of the time kind of thing. If my mom makes mashed potatoes and puts butter and milk in them, I won't refuse them.

One thing I have really gotten hooked on is my oatmeal/banana combo in the morning with almond milk. What a perfect way to start the day. And I feel full for so long and it is remarkably delicious. It took two whole weeks for me to start to see a change....ever so small.....but a change in my shape. I continue to work out 3x per week although I wish it could be more. My life isn't allowing it at the this time as I teach on weekends and I am training a new family relief worker on Mondays and Tuesdays. This leaves little time for working out. If the weather were just a tad warmer, I could run outside in the evenings but you won't see me running in this -39 degree, Canadian winter weather. Never. Ever.

One thing I have to start thinking about is how I am going to execute the final part of The 40's Project. This blog has mainly been about the journey but in the end, I do want to create a professional photo of myself as a real life 1940's Pin Up Girl. I need a photographer, a make-up artist and someone to turn my long hair into a gorgeous, 1940's up do. I also need to find the perfect outfits. I have decided that an entire calendar might be  too lofty. I think if I have two wicked outfits/sets, then that will be great. If YOU can help with any of the things I need, have suggestions of stores in the Ottawa area who may have vintage clothing or have any other ideas, I want to hear from YOU! I will most likely book an appointment at the MAC counter for the day of the shoot. I would like to have the photos done and processed by my 40th birthday which is April 7th. I am thinking this all needs to be done by April 1st.

I technically have only 8 weeks left. I am almost at the halfway mark. Still lots of work to do but I am starting to see the transformation ever so slowly but surely.


  1. You go girl! You almost have me convinced to start the "cleanse" when I get doubt flour/sugars=bad (especially white)and you feel sooo good...I am so happy and proud of you. What fun the photo shoot will be! Oatmeal (any porridge) is a great stick-to-your-ribs start for the day...I hope I can supply you with some maple syrup for that..if we have a good season.

  2. Congratulations on hitting the half-way mark! Wow- time flies!
    Will have to try the oatmeal with bananas- thanks for the tip.