Friday, January 28, 2011

To Garter Belt or Not to Garter Belt

Yep. I am now on the hunt for a wardrobe for the Pin Up photo shoot. I plan to hit some vintage stores in Ottawa in the next month or so although I have a couple of outfits already. I also need to pick up one or two pairs of shoes that resemble the 1940's style. These styles are all back in so I should have no problem finding them.

 One thing that is for certain, I am going to have to get real nylon stockings with a garter belt. Secret Lace is a company that features a Bettie Page Collection as well as all kinds of authentic nylon stockings and vintage lingerie. I am not planning to pose in one of those crazy bullet bras and big ass undies.  The 1940's Pin Up's were sooooo discreet and so subtly suggestive that I am going to need more of a wardrobe in order to create some interesting shots. You never know, I might be so proud of my accomplishments that I may just strap on one of those big old bras and take a photo. For now, I am trying to figure out the poses, props and the clothing that I will need to pull this off.

 I am always open to ideas.


  1. You know I vote for the stockings and garters! As you got some notoriety with TLWR (honourable mention in the post office mag), now I'm wondering what mag this photo shoot will make.
    Shopping will be fun, fun, fun.

  2. You've got to get one of those bras that make it look like you put your boobs in a pencil sharpener. I particularly remember an aunt that seemed to have especially pointy boobs. And, oh, how I remember those garter belts - with the fasteners front and back for each leg, and those nylons with the seam up the bag that HAD to be absolutely straight. Until I got hips to hold up the garter belt, I wore a "skeleton waist," a strappy contraption that went over my shoulders with the suspenders (the things that held up the brown ribbed cotton stockings) dangling down. Girls didn't wear pants, so when it was winter I wore long johns under the ribbed stockings, over the garters, with the inevitable telltale ridge of the bottom of the long underwear leg showing at the ankles under the stockings. And don't get me started on the overshoes that went over the dress shoes.....

  3. ... seam up the back, not bag, that should be.

  4. Google pin up girl be more than you want to spend but will provide FANTASTIC inspiration!

    Stephanie :)